Citizenship by Investment Programs

  • With Analah21, you can now secure a Second Passport, Citizenship by Investment or Permanent Residency by Investment and become a Global Citizen within a few months
  • You can now choose from our vast Immigration Programs. At Analah21, we aim to help you pick the right program that matches you and your family’s requirements, budget and destination goals.

What is Citizenship?

With the rise of globalization, the need to travel and communicate freely throughout the world is more vital than ever before.Many nations’ passport holders are free to travel from country to country, often without the need for a visa and with easy  customs checks. However, for others this is not the case. While the world’s strongest passports unlock unrestricted travel to over 180 countries, for others this number can be less than 35.

Where your passport ranks doesn’t only affect where you can go on holiday. It can also have an impact on your personal and professional life – influencing where you can live, trade, work, invest and travel. Thanks to Citizenship by investment programs, this no longer has to be the case.

What is Citizenship by Investment?

Citizenship by Investment is a process offering individuals fast-track access to a Second Citizenship and Passport in exchange for an investment in a country’s Real Estate or a Donation to a Government Fund.

Investment programs require a financial contribution from as low as USD 100,000 to as much as USD 2.5 million.The number of high net worth individuals in developing nations looking to invest in CBI has been on the rise. A second passport provides a greater global mobility along many other benefits.

Why Invest in Citizenship?

Visa Free Access:

One of the main benefits of a Second Citizenship program is global mobility. Second citizenship can allows Visa-Free and Visa-on-Arrival access to over 180 countries worldwide – allowing you to travel freely for meetings, expos, site visits and more. Many European programs also allow you to live, work and travel freely throughout the entire EU.

Business Benefits:

Many countries have rules in place regarding who can invest in their nation’s businesses, markets and real estate. As a second citizen, you are offered the same investment rights as a citizen from birth –opening up new business opportunities outside your country of origin.


Majority of countries offering Citizenship programs are among the safest in the world. If you are in danger of persecution or discrimination in your home country, second citizenship offers a way out for you and your family.

Education Facilities:

A second Citizenship can grant you and your family access to world-class schools and some of the finest universities and institutions. You will also qualify for domestic tuitions fees.


Most Citizenship programs allow your spouse and any dependent children to live, study and work in your chosen country and beyond – potentially opening up some of the world’s best healthcare systems and educational institutions to your loved ones.

Tax Benefits:

The majority of countries offering citizenship-by-investment programmes allows you to benefit from their attractive and low tax regimes.Therefore, you can ensure that both your personal income and business revenue are protected.