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Analah21 is an aggregation platform for Real Estate, Investments, Immigration and Technology Solutions. Analah21 – Analah Capital attempts to be as accurate as possible. The data compiled by Analah21 is intended to provide indicative information on a host of services related to real estate, funds and immigration. It is an advertising and marketing platform to many developers for their Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration projects (hereinafter referred to as “Project”). While displaying this information on our Website, Analah21 is relying on the information as provided by the Developer of such Project. Misrepresentation of any developer is not our responsibility. Before making any decision please ensure to validate all the information and go through the terms and conditions as included in the documents. Further:

  • While reasonable efforts are being made to ensure the meaningful information is being displayed and the same being asked from the respective Developer on regular intervals, there is a possibility that the information displayed may not be correct and complete.
  • The pictures/photos shown here include the artistic impression of the Project. The actual properties may vary from such representations.
  • Users should verify the completeness and accuracy of all such information from the RERA website, as may be applicable, of respective States or the relevant stipulation/regulations under the Real Estate rules in the concerned country where the Project is registered. Analah21 does not, by any means verify, validate, endorse or promote the compliance of a specific Project with the Real Estate stipulations/regulations under the relevant Real Estate rules, enactments & provisions made in the concerned country and its applicability to the relevant property or project.

Analah21 gives no warranty, express or implied, as to the accuracy, reliability, and completeness of any information and does not accept any liability on the information which may or may not be subject to change from time to time due to Governmental or non-Governmental regulations/directions. Also, your access to the Services may be occasionally suspended or restricted to allow for repairs, maintenance, or the introduction of new facilities or at any time without prior notice. We will attempt to limit the frequency and duration of any such suspension or restriction. Analah21 provides links to other sites over which Analah21 has no control. Analah21 is not responsible for the availability of such external sites or resources and does not endorse and is not responsible or liable for any content, advertising, products or other material on or available from such sites or resources.

By conforming any deals Buyer/Representative unconditionally and irrevocably confirms and declares that he has taken a conscious decision to invest in the above mentioned Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration deals as per the details given above. Before making investment in the said Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration deals, Buyer/Representative has carefully understood about the type of property/funds/investment, nature of transaction and all other information as required for his/her informed decision making. Buyer also understands the various risks associated with the investment in the aforesaid Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration deals and buyer is capable of taking the risks posed by such deals including but not limited to (a) Credit Risk i.e. inability of the user to service the contractual obligations on account of financial deterioration or otherwise; (b) Liquidity Risk i.e. inability to find ready liquidity for the said property due to lack or absence of sale or otherwise; (c) Instrument Risk i.e. risks arising out of nature and status of instrument; (d) Capital Risk i.e. can lose his capital also because of market conditions.

Commission Related to Third-Party Products/Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration opportunities will only be paid when we receive the same from the Fund/Developer/ Manufacturers. Analah21 - Analah Capital, Partners, Directors, Employees, Business Associates are no way acting as advisors but act as referral partners or Intermediaries for facilitating transactions.

Buyer hereby confirms that he has neither been influenced nor been given any assurance of guaranteed/fixed returns/capital protection, in any manner whatsoever, by Analah21/ Analah Capital or its Partners/Employees/Business Associates/Channel Partners or Relationship Managers in relation to the investment(s)/transaction(s) detailed above. Buyer has to use his own diligence before investing in Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration deals from a third party on which he can rely. Buyer/Representative solely assume and undertake all risks and/or liabilities that may arise out of investment in the said Real Estate/Funds/Investments/Immigration deals without any resource or claims of whatsoever in nature, to any person including, but not limited to, the intermediary/counterparty etc. in the said transaction.