Malta Residency Programs

Golden visa scheme of MALTA grant immediate residency visa or even citizenship directly to foreign investors against a investment in real estate as well as in business. There is no requirement to live in the country after the investment is made. INVESTMENT DETAILS: For Golden Visa, following types of investments can be done:  Property Investments: […]

Spain Golden Visa

Spain offer golden visa to attract foreign investments, it introduced to issue visas and residency permits for investors from outside of the European Union. With golden visa investors have the opportunity to live in and enjoy Spain for a period of 5 years. Those who hold a Golden Visa can travel freely through the countries […]

Ireland Permanent Residency

IRELAND: Ireland is one of the wealthiest country in the world. Ireland is a member of EUROPEAN UNION, WTO and OECD. The corporate tax rate is 12.50% and best country in Western Europe for investment. Ireland is home to top  Internet and software companies and large number of multinational corporations. INVESTMENT DETAILS: Capital Investments  of […]

Netherlands Golden Visa Program

Netherlands has a new ‘golden visa’ program offering residency to foreign investors who are interested to live and invest in Netherlands.  Only the condition is that the investment made by investor must bring benefits to the Dutch economy. Netherlands is an important European Union schengen member state with best living standards in Europe with additional […]

Greece Citizenship

GREECE: Greece provide the cheapest investments in terms of issuing golden visa as compared to all other European  Unions  which is the main reason that attracts most of the investor to invest in greece. Greece golden visa can easily issued  by doing following simple set of procedures in a well defined manner. INVESTMENT DETAILS:  Property […]

Cyprus PR

Cyprus offers golden visa programs through real estate investment. The Cyprus investment schemes are fast and efficient at granting a second passport and residency permit. Cyprus is a full member of the European Union and here , English is widely spoken language.Cyprus offer golden visa to attract foreigners for the investments , it introduced to […]


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