About Analah21

Analah21 is the world’s leading B2B tech-based aggregation platform for real estate and financial services. We combine innovation, excellence and modern approach to deliver top-notch services in the real estate industry. With a strong base in India Analah21 has also expanded its services internationally in the USA, UK, Dubai, Qatar, Greece, Cyprus, and Turkey, etc. Analah21 oversees everything from conceptualization to execution of the projects in real estate. Along with real estate, our diverse portfolio includes helping our clients to get citizenship or residency through investment in countries like the USA, Greece, Canada, Cyprus, and Qatar, etc.

Timely completion of projects coupled with strong planning and design innovation gives the company an edge over its competitors. In addition to the wide array of traditional services it also offers site acquisition, marketing, and sales.

In a very short span of time Analah21 has left strong footprints in the entire spectrum of real estate development, creating and managing several projects.
It has done so by assuring its clients and business partners a sense of utmost quality, timely deliveries, and reliability. Our core mission is to provide real estate development and financial services of the highest calibre. We aim to give property seekers a break from endless searches, negotiations and non-satisfactory results by overseeing everything from start to end.

Our Founding Team


Hitesh Dhankani

Hitesh Dhankani is the CEO of Analah21, a tech-based Global Real Estate & Financial Services provider. He is also a strategic advisor to Analah21 Group Companies, Wherein he is responsible for performance, strategy and growth of the group.


Vaishali Dhankani
Founder & CEO of Analah Capital and Cliptax

Vaishali Dhankani is the founder and CEO of Analah Capital and Cliptax, with over 16 years of expertise in the Banking and Finance Sector.

Senior Management

Sanjeev Verma
Senior Vice President

Prashant Bhatnagar
Senior Vice President

Aditya Bansal
Senior Vice President

Manoj Pathak
Senior Vice President

Sharol D’Souza
Business HR

Varsha Vanjerkhede
Taxation & Account Manager

Gaurav Chaudhary

Deepak Ranga


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